At the end of 2013, Melanie and I decided to take a year off to travel and upgrade our software development skills.

We were lured by the digital nomad community …

It turned out to not be our thing.

We had lots of great experiences but wanted to be in Seattle with friends/family and great teams to work with.

What do I do?

Since that travel, I have been working as a Sr. iOS Engineer at for the past 4 years.

I love to breakdown projects working with PMs and Designers to achieve the best development cost to value ratio.

I really want to help other mobile engineers spend less time debugging and more time building features.

Whats next?

I am currently building UserDouble

UserDouble lets you record and replay user sessions. See every tap, swipe and page view.

Want to get in touch?

Email me if you want to chat about software development, the ups and downs of traveling, or any questions about iOS development.